Best options of data plan for Smartphones for UAE tourists

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UAE is the most favorite destination for tourist, I was just planning to visit this beautiful country. Since my own country’s mobile operator is offering me a costly International roaming plan so I was searching for best plan for my Internet usage need there but couldn’t find a consolidated info then searched in my own way and found following information.uae_data_plan

Etisalat and Du are two mobile service providers in UAE and offers data plans at 4G LTE speed in 1800 MHz frequency band. Prepaid users are popularly known as Wasel users. Since prepaid plan is best option for a short term visiting tourists so I focus on finding the alternatives of prepaid data plans. All plans are figured in AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) but to guess the how much it will cost you, I am considering the current rate of conversion of one US dollar is equal to approx AED 3.67

Etisalat offers following data plans for mobile

  • AED 5 : Unlimited daily plan with a capping at 50MB, after consuming this much data, the speed reduces.
  • AED 20 : it offers 100MB with a validity of 7 days.
  • AED 29 : It offers 100MB for one month but currently the operator is giving 250MB as a promotional offer.
  • AED 99 : It offers 1GB data and comes with validity of one month.
  • AED 149 : For heavy data users, this plan is useful because it offers 3GB with 30 days validity.
  • AED 249 : It offers 5GB data which may be consumed within 30 days.
  • AED 299 : It offers 10GB data with 30 days validity.
  • AED 499 : It offers 20GB data with 30 days validity.

In all above plans, except daily plan, the additional data are charged at the rate of AED 1 per MB.

Du mobile operator also offers similar plans. Its data plans starts AED 2. Let us see Du’s data plans also.

  • AED 2 : This plan allows access to social networking apps like Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and Linkedin only. User can use these apps unlimited for whole one day.
  • AED 5 : It offers 25MB for 24 hours.
  • AED 20 : It offers 80MB data and comes with validity of 30 days.
  • AED 50 : It offers 300MB data for 30 days.
  • AED 100 : it offers 1GB data with one month validity.
  • AED 150 : It offers 3GB data with one month validity.
  • AED 200: It offers 5GB data with one month validity.
  • AED 300 : It offers 10GB data with one month validity.
  • AED 500 : It offers 25GB data with one month validity.

Now if we look at all data plans of above two mobile operators, We find that data plans of Etisalat is a little bit cheaper but Du offer higher data usage for its highest data plan. For social media addicted users, Du offers exclusive data plan at the cheapest rate.

Concluding the above info, you have to spend approx $27 for 1GB data usage, very costly as compared to other countries.

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