How to select broadband plan: comparison of Big Players V/s ISPs

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As the name Broadband comes in mind, we just think of big players like BSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Reliance etc but there are so many other ISPs which are also providing broadband services. BB_all copyYou can find big players everywhere but these ISPs are providing broadband service in some selected cities/region only. The customers in cities may find all these options but in rural areas, BSNL is the only choice and it also has subsidised broadband plan for customers in rural areas specially. You will also find that tariff plans of these small companies are more competitive as compared to big players in big cities. Let us see tariff plans of all 15 Broadband Service providers so that next time you can select best broadband plan available in your city.bb_alltable

BSNL: BSNL provides Broadband services in every nook and corner of country except two metros, New Delhi and Mumbai. It has many attractive plans but its most popular plan, on its Landline telephones, is BB Home Combo ULD 950 which offer you unlimited data with a cap of  8GB at the speed of 4Mbps and post 8GB data usage, the speed reduces to 512 Kbps. This plan has monthly charges of Rs 950 including telephone rental(FMC) and also allows to you make free 400 calls. BSNL have unlimited broadband plan namely BB Home rural combo ULD 500 for customers of rural area specially which has monthly charge of Rs 500 including telephone rent and offers unlimited data usage at the speed of 512 Kbps and 150 voice call free. For other plans please click here

MTNL: MTNL offers services in two metros Delhi and Mumai only. MTNL have introduced new plan Freedom 1395 Combo which offer you unlimited data with cap at 25GB at the speed of 4Mbps and post 25GB data usage, the speed reduces to 512Kbps. The plan also allows you to make 200 free calls. For details, please click here.

Airtel: Airtel also offer broadband and have one good plan for heavy user. The unlimited plan of Rs 1199 offers you free 15GB data at the speed of 4Mbps and after that speed reduces to 256Kbps.The plan also offer you free 1000 calls. For other plans, please click here.

Reliance: Reliance have unlimited plan Thunder 549 Combo which allows you true unlimited data usage at the speed of 1Mbps just for Rs 549 per month and also allow you to make local call on any network at 50p/min and STD calls at Rs 1/min. For other plans, please click here

Tikona: Tikona is providing services in following cities  Agra, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Guntur, Hybli, Hyderabad, Indore, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kochi, Kolkata, Kota, Lucknow, Madhurai, Mangalore, meerut, Mumbai, Mysore, Nagpur, Nasik, Pondicherry, pune, Raipur, Rajkot, Solapur, Surat, Trichy, Vadodara, Varanasi, Vijayawada, Vizag. If you are heavy user of Internet then tikona have best unlimited plan for you without any restriction on download data. You will get always speed of 1Mbps by paying just Rs 799 per month. For other plans please click here.

You Broadband: This offers broadband services in Ahemdabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Thane, Vadodara, Vishakapatnam. The unlimited plan of Rs 599 allows you to use broadband at speed of 512 Kbps for 30 days. For other plans, please click here.

PMPL: This operator is offering services in West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andra Pradesh. The Plan Jet Silver Economy of Rs Rs 550 offers you unlimited monthly usage at the speed of 512 Kbps. For other plans please click here.  

Hathway: Hathway is providing services in more than 25 cities. The plan of Rs 574 offers you unlimited data plan with a cap of 5GB at the speed of 1Mbps and post free usage, the speed reduces to 256Kbps. Hathway also offered new unlimited plans for Bangalore and Hyderabad cities only. For Bangalore, the new unlimited plan of Rs 725 per month offer you speed of 2Mbps up to 25GB data and after that speed reduces to 256Kbps For more details please click here.

Asianet: This provides broadband services in most of the cities of Kerala and have attractive plans. One plan of Rs 710 offers free data of 6GB at the speed of 4Mbps, if you avail Cable services from Asianet also then you will get extra 6GB (total 12GB). For further details, please click here.

Beam Fiber: This has very lucrative plan for heavy users. The plan B-Max-660 offer you unlimited data with a cap of 20GB at the speed of 3 Mbps for Rs 660 per month but this operator is providing services in Hyderabad city only. For details, please click here.

Spectranet: This operator is currently providing Broadband services to customers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Chandigarh and is extending its footprint to many more cities across India. The best broadband plan, you find here is Quick duo of Rs 529 per month which allows you free data of 5GB at the speed of 512Kbps in day time and speed doubles at 1 Mbps in night hours. For other plans, please click here

Nivyah: This operator is providing Broadband services in  Aurangabad, Pune, Nashik, Latur, Dhule, Alibaug, Daman, Surat, Patiala and major parts of Mumbai. You can find its plan attractive for Internet addict, this operator have best plan of Rs 457 which offers you free data of 15GB at speed of 2Mbps and speed also doubles at night and you enjoy speed of 4 Mbps. You may find more plans as per your need, just click here.

Five Network: It offers broadband services in Mumbai city, Pune, Punjab, Surat, Vadodara and Vapi and offers attractive plans for home users like, it has unlimited plan of Rs 475 per month which allow you data usage at the speed of 512 Kbps. For other plans, please click here.

Alliance Broadband: This company provides broadband at astonishing surfing speed for the customers of West Bengal. You have variety of plans to choose. One plan of Rs 550 allows you unlimited data usage at the speed of 500Kbps but speed increases up to 2Mbps in night hours from 1AM to 9 AM. For further details, please click here.

Siti Broadband: It provides broadband services in all major cities of India at affordable price like for home users, it has one plan of Rs 390 per month which allows you free unlimited data at the speed of 256Kbps. Details of other plans can be seen by just clicking here.

So by seeing all the above broadband plans, it is clear that the customers in big cities can get best deal by choosing among many broadband service providers. However care must be taken while choosing the broadband service provider that the service provider must give uninterrupted services and provide prompt customer care in case of any type of problems/faults. The tariff must of course be very competitive and affordable as per your budget.

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  1. bsnl vs airtel broadband in bangalore | August 27, 2014
  1. Adhish Patil says:


    Thanks a lot for all the detail specification of service providers

    Helped me in planning while buying a broadband connection.

    Once again thanks.


  2. Sudip Barman says:

    Helpful Info Thanks

  3. Cameraman says:

    I think this makes a lot of sense than just Airtel looting customers. I appreciate the uptime of their connection but the service team including the higher authorities are highly uneducated thugs. Trust me they can’t even do simple math 😀 not joking.

    • KKN says:

      I totally agree with you. I had a very tough time with Airtel’s pathetic Customer service. After struggling for the past 3 months in order to have their Service disconnected, I yesterday finally got relief from them.
      Now looking for another Service provider (Hopefully with a good Service) in and around Jalahalli West, Bangalore.

  4. sanjay says:

    when compare to service / fault repair / actual speed airtel is very good in terms of actual speed airtel and bsnl are same means if you have airtel or bsnl 1 mbps connection you will get near about 128kbps while with reliance 2mbps plan you will got less than 128 kbps don’t become fool just by comparing the plan

    • Vinod says:

      I have had airtel 512 kbps unlimited broadband connection for past many years – main reason being I was not aware of any other broadband ISP in my area (Gurgaon-Delhi NCR) except BSNL, with whom I have not had very happy experience – too frequent and long-lasting breakdowns in service, and the rates were the same as airtel. However, whenever I checked speed of airtel connection, I have been very disappointed – against the promised max. of 512 kbps, all I get is 30 kbps or thereabouts – granted, 512 is the max they promise, but getting 30 or 35 against that in effect amounts to cheating. It works out to 1/17 or thereabouts of the promised speed. I am surprised no statutory authority has taken suo moto notice of this kind of unacceptable service, cheating the unaware public so brazenly. I suspect all the other ISPs perform equally well at this game of fleecing the people. If we pay for a 22 carat gold ornament, would it be considered okay if the shop gave us a 1.3 carat one? That is one-seventeenth of 22 carat. Or, paying for 1 kg of something and getting 59 grams of it. It is high time the regulator took suo moto notice of this blatantly unfair trade practice and prescribed minimum downlink and uplink speeds for any advertised speed by the ISPs so that the subscriber at least knows what he/she would be getting in return for the advertised speed. This looting and cheating has gone on for far too long.

  5. Ganesh says:

    Go for ACT if you have it in your Area, they are amazing now.

  6. K S Udaya Bhaskar says:

    you have not told anything about act broadband service…….I interest to know about it

  7. Please do not opt for reliance broadband as they have power backup issue as soon as the power goes the internet is also gone and when power is back it takes 2 hours minimum to start.

  8. soma sundaram says:

    Thanks for the detailed info. But it looks you left out some more players in the market like ACT, MTS, etc., I had been using Relliance, and was fed up with their service and moved to Mts now. MTS looks better. Call them for a demo and if satisfied, go for it. The tariff to is quite good. Check the following site of MTS.

  9. Hamendra says:

    Dont fall in the cheap rental plans of Reliance and Tikona. WIll make your life hell. Try airtel.

  10. ramesh says:

    I am an internet user in India(Cochin)for the last 3 years and I would like to share my views with others:
    1) ASIANET: broadband-wired connection – scheme-speed 980-unlimited-stationary modem and wifi-I get connection in all 3 rooms- laptop (1), mobile(3),ipad (1),notebook(1) & chrome cast (1)-Rs 1100/month-billing in advance.Claimed speed-4mbps upto 20 GB usage and 512 kbps beyond 20 GB.Actual speed (Ookla) is only 0.74 mbps.Browsing,seeing videos from you tube.Satisfactory performance with 360 p clarity.Because it is wired connection,at times, the service is interrupted and normally the Customer Service is “busy”,when you call.

    2) IDEA 3G:As there is interruption of net connection with Asianet quite often either due to their problems or due to power interruption,I have taken 3G connection in my Android mobile also-Plan 1 GB validity one month with a claimed speed of 2.5 mbps-Rs 249/month prepaid.Actually I get a speed(Ookla)of
    2.03 mbps.

    3) Whenever the asianet is not working,I continue the work on my laptop by connecting the mobile to laptop by ‘tethering and portable hotspot’ application in mobile.

    4) Inference: With a monthly expenditure of Rs 1100+ 249=Rs 1349, I am able to use to the internet continuously.It may please be noted,the Chromcast will not work with 3G,as it needs wifi connection.

  11. ramesh says:

    February 28, 2015 at 10:29 pm
    1) Reliance netconnect 3 dongle is a good choice for a fellow who is always on the move.
    They havea plan 40 GB(unlimited monthly)at claimed speed of 3.1mbps and 144 kbps beyond the limit-Rs 1123/month (incl of taxes).Actual speed I get is 0.76 mbps(Ookla).My son is shuttling between Cochin and Coimbatore normally.He gets net in Cochin,in train,in bus and in Coimbatore. No roaming charges.

    Initially we spent the following 3 months back:

    a) for the netconnect 3 dongle = Rs 1100
    b) for Micromax portable wifi = Rs 2600
    c) for Power bank 10,000 mAh = Rs 1000

    2) Reliance Pro 3 : Turbo unlimited Rs 700+ tax- monthly billing plan-7 GB (day)+ 7 GB (night) at a claimed speed of 14.7 mbps and 144 kbps beyond limit.

    But the DEMO showed only 0.99 mbps (Ookla).Hence NEVER go in for Pro 3 now. Let them sort out their technical problems with all the 66 towers around Cochin.


  12. Jitender Bhardwaj says:

    In these plans speed in Kbps, Here “b” stands for “bits” or “bytes”???

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  14. Prabu Mohandoss says:

    In my expierence ACT and AIRTEL is the good broadband available in chennai. If you need stable internet go for wireline connection

  15. Jason says:

    I am using BSNL and i am thinking of switching to Airtel, as i faced more than 4 downtimes with BSNL. Kindly tell me how is Airtel nowadays.

  16. Muralidhara rao says:

    I applied for broadband connection in bengaluru vignan nagar area with bsnl and waiting for the past five months, says no cable pairs.Airtel says no free ports in this apartment v v grand regency.

  17. Rajendra says:

    I am looking for a new broadband connection in hyderabad which one is good

  18. Punjab broadband says:

    Check & compare net plans of all broadband service provider companies before you apply for internet connection. At Chandigarh, there are too much choices in broadband Internet services with variety of tariff packs. Opinion is yours But I will suggest you to go for ​ to compare broadband tariffs of various companies and to select your best internet plan. A single broadband provider company or a single plan, can’t be best for everyone, because we all have different needs. So firstly check internet rental pack of all companies, then check reviews of that company, after that select your suiting internet service provider for your office or domestic use. Airtel broadband & connect broadband are best 2 mostly used brands in chandigarh, Punjab telecom circle

  19. Airtel broadband Chandigarh says:

    Airtel broadband service is awesome

  20. Connect broadband chandigarh says:

    nice information is given here

  21. Chandigarh broadband says:

    Thanks to team of

  22. broadband in chandigarh says:

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