Check Radiation level (SAR) of your Smartphone by USSD code *#07#

Smartphone has so much penetrated radiation_levelin our daily life that now no one can think of without it. Excessive use of smartphone may cause health problems but if you are even using less a smartphone with bad SAR, that is most dangerous.

Here SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate which is a measure of the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted limits for safe exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy  which is  1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg).  Any smartphone  at or below this SAR levels is “safe” to use.

You can check Radiation level in terms of SAR of your smartphone by dialing a USSD code *#07#, if results shows SAR below 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg) then it is OK otherwise you are advised to change your smartphone immediately.

Here are SAR level of some popular smartphones in the market.

  • iPhone 6:>>  1.59 W/kg
  • LG G3:>> 0.99 W/kg
  • LG G2:>> 1.44 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2:>> 0.42 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3:>> 1.07 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4:>> 1.20 W/kg
  • Samsung Galaxy S5:>> 1.28 W/kg
  • HTC One (M8):>> 1.29 W/kg

Interestingly iPhone 6 have just 0.01 below the threshold level of SAR.

In addition to radiation level you must know about following important USSD codes to get more information of your smartphone.

*#*#4636#*#* : It gives a lot of information of  smartphone under following four categories.

  • Phone Information : It shows IMEI, Signal strength etc
  • Battery Information: It shows battery status, level, health, voltage, temperature, technology and time since boot.
  • Usage statistics: it shows how may times and how much time every app on your smartphone you have used. Interestingly WhatsApp is on top of the list on my smartphone. Am I using WhatsApp the most !!
  • Wi-Fi information: It shows Wi-Fi API, config and status

*#06# : It shows the IMEI number of your phone which is a 15 digit unique number for your phone, basically it is  Social Security number of your phone. Sometimes when typing in *#06# it will add an additional 2 digits at the end. The first 15 digits shown before any space or dash is your IMEI. Note down IMEI number of your phone in your diary, it is very useful when your phone got stolen.

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  1. how to check radiation in asus zenfone 5.when i dial *#07# it shows how to find out the radiation my phone.

  2. How to check radiations of asus zenfone 4.. its showing unknown application… pls help me to find… and tell what we should fial for asus zenfone 4… pls

  3. How to check radiation level of Huawei honor 3c.*#07# is not working on this phone so please help me how can i check…?

  4. My phone is Panasonic p11 not response to *#07#……. pls reply any Panasonic p11 phone users………

  5. What about the SAR value of Moto g?

    Values with greater than 1.5 are safe to use or less than 1.5 are safe to use?

  6. What about the SAR value of Moto g 2nd generation?

    Values with greater than 1.5 are safe to use or less than 1.5 are safe to use?


    • The SAR value of Lenovo A680 is 1.29 W/Kg, which is in safe zone. The SAR value more than 1.6 W/Kg is harmful as explained in the above article

  8. what is the SAR value of SONY Xperia S *#07# not working
    Is this radiation value very with the battery charge or mobile temperature & Sim range ?

    • Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 has SAR value 0.66 W/Kg and Sony Xperia M has SAR value of 0.84 W/Kg, both are safe to use.

      • Thanks Vishal for your prompt reply .
        Please let me know what is SAR of Yu Yureka Micromax ?
        How do you calculate SAR ??
        SAR is changing with time or its fixed ??

    • Why some smartphones doesn’t display SAR value, instead displays error messages like ‘Unknown application’ or ‘Invalid USSD code’ etc.. especially new brand like Micromax, Xiaomi, Oneplusone etc..?

      • how to find SAR value in ASUS ZENFONE 2 ? Error messages like ‘Unknown application’ or ‘Invalid USSD code’ displays when I dial
        *#07# . what other method we have to check SAR?

  9. and, is there any other way to check SAR value in such phones? Is it not mandatory for companies to provide this information? – Thanks.

  10. how to check radiation in Infocus M2_3G when i dial *#07# it shows how to find out the radiation my phone.

  11. My galaxy pocket is not showning anything by using USSD *#07#…..??*
    I have to change my phone……..???*

  12. I have MI4 and the SAR code does not run on this phone. Does this mean its SAR level is high. Should the phone be replaced?

    • SAR value for Model No- Micromax Canvas – A114 is as below.
      0.472 W/kg @ 1g (Head)
      0.412 W/kg @ 1g (Body)

  13. Except , asus zenfone 2 ze551ml phone, you answered every other phones SAR value , may we know the SAR value of asus zenfone 2 ze551ml , coz it’s not showing the SAR value while running the code *#07#

  14. Hi Vishal, may I know the SAR of Lenovo S650 ? Is it safe to use? And is Samsung note 2 has the lowest SAR among all other smartphones? I did a research and found out Samsung note has lower than Samsung note 2.

  15. Hi,
    Recently i bought Lenovo K3 Note, I tried to Check SAR value it is as below

    HEAD SAR: 1.590W/kg
    BODY SAR: 0.688W/kg

    Pls Suggest whether it is Safe to Use.

  16. Intend buying new mobile phone (smart phone) with good specifications and lower SAR level will Samsung J7 or Microsoft mobiles is ok? my budget will be less than INR 15,000/-. Kindly suggest good mobile.

  17. I’m going to buy ZENFONE 2 LASER. Ppl says ASUS have high SAR level. Please tell me whether LASER is under the required INDIA SAR RATING or higher?

      • it is safe. From 1st Sept. 2013, only the mobile handsets with revised SAR value of 1.6W/kg would be permitted to be manufactured or imported in India.

        there are other option also with low SAR value Plz consider those.

      • I have read about this phone that it has pretty good signal reception capabilities due to the built-in dual antenna system. However it also comes with a body SAR of 1.7W/Kg! I would really like to buy this phone, but I don’t know what to think about it.

        Can you confirm that a high SAR rated phone does have a better signal reception over a low SAR phone ?

    • The official website of Meizu says that SAR value of MX4 is 0.895 as compared to SAR value in EU up to 2.0, it is safe to use.

  18. In focus m350 mobile I use.. It has SAR value 1g 0.542 (head) and SAR value 1g 0.677 (body). It is safe to use.? Plz reply

  19. asus zenfone 2 laser does not show SAR value by using USSD code *#07#. described SAR value of head and body respectively 0.36 and 0.33 are of zenfones europian models SAR value, made in germany. described values are as per European standard of SAR, not as a indian accepted standerd. so i want to know what is the real sar value of zenfone 2 laser sold in india ? and is it fulfill the indian standerd 1.60w/kg? European standard is 2.00w/kg.

  20. vishal pls tell us real sar value of zenfone 2 laser which is sold in india?
    is it buy or not? safe or unsef?

  21. My device p55 panasonic and my IMEI numbers shows invalide so how can i solve out this problem. My cell is an underwarranty. Please as soon as posible give me the reply.

  22. I tride dialing the *#*#4636#*#* on my phone and I get a message that my call can not be completed. I have a Motorola Droid Razr M. Model: XT907. Can you tell me how safe my phone is? Please.

  23. *#07# is not working for coolpad dazen 1 phone as well. Getting error “Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code” Please advise.

  24. Vishal please ref my mobile model lenovo p 70A not lenovo p 70 the both are different. So in my model lenovo p70A not show sar value why? Pls reply waiting.

  25. My cellphone is Micromax doodle 3A102 &
    Sar head 1.26w/kg@1g
    Body 0.21w/kg@1g.
    So is it safe ? Or not safe .
    Plz reply

  26. some phones do not show SAR value by dialling *#07#.. in that case I found the value was physically printed on the battery of the phone.

  27. How to check radiation of blackberry z10 … and also plzz tell it is safe or not for use in case of radiation

  28. The last 2 Codes are working in my phone… But*#07# is not working…. My phone is innjoo fire2Lte… Please reply

  29. Hi,
    My friend has got a Redmi 3S Prime cell phone. When i dial *#07# we get an invalid code. Could you please let me know if this phone is a safe one or not.
    Also let me know the SAR value of this version and how do i find it out of this phone the SAR value. In fact what i mean is where can i see the SAR value of this phone. is there any other numbers that i need to dial to get the SAR value or is it available anywhere in the settings because in some phone u get a big list which displays all the info
    Thanks with Regards,

  30. I Have Letv Le2 Mobile And Sar Value Is
    Head:0.971 W/kg
    Body:1.420 W/kg
    So This Is High Or Low Or Medium Sar Value Plz Plz Send Reply Me Quickly Plz

  31. I want to buy redmi note 3 for mom, its all good but only point is SAR at 1.25 wich i know is less than allowed 1.6. But she uses all time cell fone for listening God songs via Bluetooth spkr nd wifi always ON. So is this device safe for her HEALTH ? Or u can suggest other one under 10k , prime requirement is only One i.e., Louder Speaker Volume. Thanks…
    (my dad uses lenovo k3 note with 1.59 SAR THOUGH he dont talks on cellfone much, nd keeps antennas closed like BT etc… Shall he change his fone)

  32. Hi,
    I am using Asus Zenfone, when i type *#07# it is not showing the radiation level, please tell what is the radiation level of Asus ZenFone Max

  33. Dear Vishal,

    Can i get the SAR level of my mob i.e Sony Experia C3

    what is the code???

    *#07# is not showing the level of rediation..

    Please help!!!

  34. Can i get the SAR level of my mob mi redmi 3s prime

    what is the code???

    *#07# is not showing the level of rediation..

    Please help!!!

  35. My device is Xiaomi Redmi 2. Radiation Level code(*#07#) doesn’t working on this phone. Please suggest me some advice that would help me..

  36. My child is 9 months old and she likes to watch youtube cartoon channel since she was 4months old. we caring to show mobile keeping some distance since she watching. and we are not giving phone in her hand. is there any harmful to her? please guide