Verizon offers “Loyalty Plan” 2GB for $60/mo and savings up to $300 to new lines

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At last US’s largest mobile carrier Verizon jumped the bandwagon to fight with other carrier’s lucrative plans, to retain existing loyal customers as well as attracting new customer who will switch to the carrier.

Verizon introduced gift card of value up to $300 for customers who will switch to the carrier and trade in their smartphone, for a limited period ending Feb 28, 2014.us_verizon3

Under this new offer, Verizon will give you a gift card worth up to $300 for every new customer who trade in their smartphone and will sign a two year contract with carrier and purchase a new 4G LTE Smartphone.

Early birds are also eligible for additional bonus of $35 in the form of waiving off activation fee, who will turn up before Feb 17, 2014 hence every new line can save total $335 up to Feb 17, 2014.

On switch to Verizon and buying a new 4G LTE smartphone with 2 year activation, you will receive a promotion code within 5 days which is to be used at site Within 2 weeks of receiving your smartphone in good working condition, Verizon will send you a Verizon Wireless gift card via email which can be used to purchase additional Verizon Wireless products, or even you can use it to pay your bill.

Source: Verizon

Do you find similarities of this plan with AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s credit offers ?

Verizon also have very attractive “Loyalty plan” to retain its existing customers who are in good standing at the carrier and if they express their desire to switch to T-Mobile or AT&T. They are being offered “loyalty plan” under which Verizon is offering unlimited talk & text plus 2GB for just $60 in comparison to its existing price $100, so loyal customer can now save $40/mo if they express their desire to switch.

But before offering this loyalty plan, you will be asked to renew your contract for next one year. Under this loyalty plan, you will also not be allowed to use Hotspot at free and if you go over on your free data limit, additional data will be charged at the standard rates of $10-$15 per GB, indirectly, your free data usage at Hotspots costs you $40.

In comparison to AT&T, customers on loyalty plan of Verizon can save $35/mo but Sprint customer gets 4GB for $65 under Framily plan and T-Mobile customers enjoys 2.5GB data for $60.

Is it worth to go for “Loyalty plan” in stead of switch to T-Mobile or Sprint ?? calculate savings over two years period.


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