How to keep a watch on Smartphone of Youngsters

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How are your children doing outside the home?, how and what they communicate with their friends ?, whether they are not in a bad habits or company ?. All these questions can be answered by one simple apps of smartphone which can be used to monitor the activity on your children.sonysf

So, what our children doing, we will use very powerful apps SMS tracker on the smartphone of our children.

We have to download this app, from the Google apps store, on smartphone of our children smartly so that they must not be aware of it.The icon of the apps is hidden and After installation of app on children’s smartphone, you can remotely view the following information at

  • SMS monitoring-All received and sent SMS are being monitored.
  • MMS monitoring- All received and sent MMS are being monitored
  • Call Log monitoring-You may know the all the calling numbers and received call numbers.
  • Browser monitoring- All the history of browsing data are being monitored
  • GPS tracking- You may get the information of the movement of your children.

The details of the app can be seen by clicking here.

So now we can keep a track on the movement and habits of our children.

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