Comparison of 40GB data plan @Rs 999: Reliance V/s MTS India

| September 8, 2014 | 16 Comments

Reliance Communication (RCOM) had recently brought a new plan for its CDMA dongle Netconnect+ users; the new post paid plan offers unlimted data usage per month at just Rs999 but attractive part is that this plan allows you to use 40GB data at Hi-Speed of 3.1Mbps, after crossing this limit, download speed throttles to 144Kbps. The RCOM has also been slashed price of Netconnect+ dongle at Rs 799.


MTS India is also offering same plan Hi-Speed 40GB data usage at Rs 999 so let us make a comparison on following parameters so that we can take an informed decision.

Price: Of course both operators RCOM and MTS India offers the 40GB plan at same price Rs 999 but are selling dongles at different rates. RCOM sells at Rs 799 while MTS India sells MBlaze Ultra dongle at Rs 1399.

Download Speed: RCOM’s Netconnect+ works on CDMA technology and if offers download speed up to 3.1Mbps and upload speed up to 1.8Mbps. RCOM’s plan reduces download speed to 144Kbps after crossing the 40GB data limit. MTS’s MBlaze Ultra dongle works on 3G plus, an higher version of CDMA technology which allows you to experience download speed up to 9.8Mbps till you use 40GB data but MTS India also reduces download speed to 144Kbps or 64Kbps after crossing 40GB data limit.

Coverage: MTS India operates in 9 telecom circles namely Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, UP West, West Bengal & Kolkata but in these circle, it offers good coverage across the cities. RCOM has wider coverage as compared to MTS India, it has connectivity across 24,000 towns and 6 lacs villages, as well as along major highways, railway routes, airport lounges and remote locations in India

Conclusion: It is evident from above comparison that RCOM has brought much more better plan than MTS at comparatively high speed. The initial payout for the plan also come down for RCOM because it has slashed price of its dongle. so it would be worth to go for RCOM to get the value of your money.

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  1. Neeraj Bajaj says:

    Hi !

    I am living in Delhi (Rohini), I want to buy the MTS Wi Fi Dongle, that offers me device @1500/- with 5GB unlimited plan for Rs. 600/- (without tax)…. Should I buy this ?

    Presently I am using Tata Photon+ 1GB @275/- Prepaid…

  2. Omkar Badiger says:


  3. Rajesh says:

    This is a marketing piece article written on basis of brochure and not actual researched one. Reliance RCOM netconnect will never ever give 3.1 Mbps speed as mentioned in article and neither the 3G connection offered by RCOM gives that speed though brochure would show 7.1 Mbps. In many locations in India, as a user I face tough time connecting though they claim of wide coverage. I do not have idea about MTS and as such I do not claim that MTS will provide better service but also do not agree to claims made in this article

    • ashok says:

      Reliance Net service is really pathetic, they use throttling Technics in an un scrupulous manner quality never reach as offers or no comparison with speed offered by MTS, with MTS bundled offer of high speed data is satisfactory, but reliance even bundled offer also throttled on daily basis after effect it never give faster internet

  4. Lokesh Soni says:

    Guys , Never go MTS 3G plus , they are just the bluffing the customer saying , we are providing upto 9mbps speed but literally saying I m getting only 100kbps speed between 6pm to 12am after that 1Mbps which is of no use as i will be in office only in day time

  5. Swalih says:

    I have purchased MTS. But i am getting only 250 Kbps speed. I was told i will get at least 2 Mbps.

    I am getting 4 Mbps speed on Airtel 3G in my smartphone.

  6. Hamza Ali says:

    Heyy folk downloading speed and plan speed is different thing.
    If you have a 1gb speed plan then downloading speed will be 1024{mb}/8 that is 128kbps
    for 2gb it is 2048/8 i.e 256kbps

  7. taukil says:

    You will be cheated if you buy MTS device. At the time of delivery their executive will present you lucrative offer , once you buy they will not listen . Even their customer care did not respond you properly as always give you fake solution like we are working in your area and services will be back in 2-3 weeks. Their 2-3 weeks will never come.

    So I request you all guys keep away with this company .


  8. Boby says:

    Never buy mts the max speed I get is 512 .from last 3 months they are telling the speed will be increased in 3 to 4 weeks but I don’t think it will ever happen .

  9. Chetan Sheth says:

    I have been using MTS Wi-fi for last 8 months, the speed which MTS claiming never get and uploading & downloading speed I always get round around max 700kb, sometimes its goes down to 3kbps.

    Despite of speed I observed that data usage is very high, so do not know how MTS is calculating their data usage. Is there any idea? why data usage is very high? am I really using that much data and why I am not getting high speed.

  10. Vishal says:

    Biggest Cheaters In The Market MTS Guys suck They Dont Sell Anything Authentic, I Am Using ultrablaze paying 1200 rs per month for net speed 200kbps which they claim to be 9mbps. india me 9 mbps wala net nahi hai kahin and ye log 9mbps dete hai super fake highly disappointed with service and quality of product dont buy

  11. anuj says:

    I’m using mts mblaze and its giving speed only 180 Kbps or less when high speed plan and then you don’t believe only 10 kbps and when i call them they told me your high speed net over so now we can’t help… wtf!

  12. suresh says:

    I have used both.

    MTS speed 600 kbps

    Reliance Pro 3 speed 17 -92 kbps.

    I have deactivated Reliance.

    Continuing with MTS

  13. cypher says:

    i’m using mts ultra wifi 999 plan and i’m happy with it.
    i also checked reliance plan with comparison to mts in my circle i.e upw. MTS is way too better than reliance in terms of speed and plans.
    mts night timing is from 12-8 a.m while rel is till 6 a.m.

    MTS rocks!!

  14. mkap says:

    never buy MTS

    they often change plans, with response to tariff .

    you can not change from unlimited to limited,

    if the pack is exhausted. you have to wait in case of prepaid.

    not a good idea to get MTS

    I suffered and still suffer due to MTS .

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