Best deal in USA from T-Mobile and Sprint in August, 2014 : Analysis

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Sprint ignited fresh price war just a week ago by announcing a new family plan of 20GB for 10 lines at just $100 only followed by single line connection at $60 offering everything unlimited, i.e. talk, text and data.us_t-mo_sprint3

T-Mobile countered this price war with a series of announcements, first it announced that any T-Mobile Simple Choice customer who will rescue his/her friend from other carriers and get them switch to T-Mobile’s network, both will get unlimited data free for one year. This offer is starting August 29, 2014.

And then T-Mobile again announced another offering, four times LTE data to its starter Simple choice plan of $40 for an additional fee of $5 only i.e. currently simple choice plan $40 offers only 500 MB LTE data plus unlimited talk and text but starting September 3, 2014, customer will get 2GB of LTE data along with unlimited talk and text for just $45.

T-Mobile today has also countered Sprint’s family share plan by expanding its own family plan from 6 lines to 10 lines. First two lines costs $80 and rest 3-10 line can be added by paying an extra $10 per line. Each line will get 2.5GB data plus unlimited talk and text. So all 10 lines costs just $160 only.

T-Mobile has also made an announcement to lure data hungry Simple choice plan customers by offering them to add their tablet for just additional fee of $10 and get equal amount of data, to be consumed on tablet, as per their simple choice plan.

Starting September 3, 2014, if a simple choice customer on 1GB data plan adds a tablet then he/she will get additional 1GB data for his/her tablet for just an additional fee of $10. If customer is on 3GB Simple choice plan, then he/she will get additional 3GB, if on 5GB Simple choice plan, then he/she will get additional 5GB data.

T-Mobile has also compared this offer with other carriers, just have a look.us_t-mo_tablet

Amid this price war, you are the real beneficiary, you are going to get tons of data at very cheaper rate so from the above announcements, you can choose the best plan which suites you most.

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