Who offers best value of your unused data : Google, Republic Wireless, T-Mobile or AT&T

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[USA] T-Mobile and AT&T are allowing their customers to carry-forward their unused data for use in next months but Republic Wireless on Monday came with an innovative plan and announced the imminent launch of a new beta service plan by which customers will get credit for their unused data although the MVNO, the Republic Wireless didn’t disclosed the pricing of this forthcoming plan.

Today Google followed the idea of Republic Wireless and announced its MVNO services with “Project Fi” along with pricing of plan.us_republic-wireless

Google will offer  telecom plans at affordable pricing, the basic plan will cost just $20 for unlimited voice and text plus WiFi tethering and free roaming  in 120 countries.

Google will provide services by using a combination of WiFi and cellular networks for which Google have partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile for the traditional cellular calls and for the WiFi, Google have identified 1 million hotspot. Google further says that Project Fi will automatically switch your smartphone between WiFi and Cellular network based on strength of the network.

Data usage in WiFi network will be free but the customers will be charged for cellular data at the rate of $10 per 1GB hence if a customer opts a plan for 3GB, he/she has to pay $30.

Like Republic Wireless, Google will also credit the value of your unused data and pricing has also announced. The credit for unused data will be given at the same rate of $10/GB.

Suppose a customer opted a 3GB data plan and used only 1.6GB only in whole month then he/she will get the credit for unused data 1.4 GB  ($14).

The pricing of Google Fi looks attractive but it is pretty much in line with pricing of other carriers, look at below table

Google is offering Project Fi through its own Nexus 6 smartphone which has inbuilt ability of Project Fi so right now Nexus 6 owners can avail this phone service of Google.

Looking at the offers of all four carriers, it looks, Google is the best option to value for your unused data until Republic Wireless announce the pricing for unused data.

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