Who offers best 4G Pay As You Go Plan: O2, EE and Vodafone UK

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After launch of 4G LTE servicesuk_4geevodao24 copy by O2 and Vodafone in Aug of this year, all these three 4G LTE service providers of UK have launched prepaid 4G plans, Pay as You Go (PAYG) Plans. The Prepaid plans are little bit costlier than Contract plan so let us find out which carrier have better option of PAYG plan as compared to other carrier as well as contract plan of same carrier


O2 recently launched a unique featured 4G PAYG plan for just £15 which offers more freebies in the form of 4G data, talk and text as you continue longer your PAYG plan.

4G PAYG plan allows you mere 500 MB of 4G data, 75 mins of voice calls and 500 text per month for just £15 per month. If you continue longer your PAYG plan more than 3 months then from fourth month onwards, you get double freebies viz. 1GB of 4G data, 150 mins of voice calls and 1000 texts for £15 per month. After 6 months i.e from seventh months and onwards, the PAYG plan get bundled with unlimited texts along with 1GB of 4G data and 150 mins of voice calls for £15 per month.

After exhausting your freebies offered with PAYG, you may top up with Add-Ons of 4G data of 100MB for £3, 500MB for £6 and 1GB for £10.

As compared to SIM-Only contract plan, the PAYG plan is cheaper for 4G data users, you get 2GB of 4G data for just £15 + £10 = £25 per month. O2 offers unlimited talk, text and 1GB of 4G data for just £26 per month under 12 month SIM-Only contract plan.


If you buy Smartphone from EE, it offers 10GB of 4G data free, to be used within 90 days, and 2014 min of free voice call which can be utilized in whole year of 2014. But there is a patch to get this free voice calls, EE adds 168 mins of voice calls on every top-up of your PAYG plan by £10 which credits 500 mins for voice calls.

After exhausting this 10GB of free data, you can top up by following Add-Ons, 1GB of 4G data costs £10.

As compared to SIM Only contract plan for 12 months, PAYG of EE is costlier because EE offers unlimited talk, text plus 1GB data for £26 under SIM-Only Contract plan, a price similar to O2 but higher as compared to Vodafone UK


Vodafone has following PAYG plans and Top-Ups, £30 Red freedom freebees offers unlimited talk and text plus 1GB of 4G data for 30 days while it’s SIM-Only contact plan costs you £21 only. Vodafone has the Cheapest SIM-Only contract plan in UK.

As Christmas festival, Vodafone offers freebees Rewardz on every Top-Ups, in which you can get Vodafone Smart Tab-III.


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