Useful Short codes for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint users

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USA: Mobile users, who us_allcarriersare under unlimited voice, text and data plans, need not worry for their usage but many users, who opt for limited numbers of minutes for voice calls or data plans that offers a fixed data usage, have a reason to worry because after their fixed usages, heavy overage charges apply which may disturb their expenses on mobile bills.

Although carriers sends usage Alerts, Email and text messages automatically at the time, when a user crosses  certain level of  the monthly allowance (75%, 90%, 100%) but in spite of that, you may also check your usage at any time to avoid extra burden or say “surprises”, you may monitor your usage by following short codes or procedures.


Sprint customers can check their usage by either texting word “usage” to 1311. You will receive a text message with your usage information or they may hear usage summery by dialing *4 and follow the voice prompts, or dial 4 again to hear all your usages.


Most of T-Mobile’s plan offer unlimited talk, text and data but in spite of some customers have opted limited usage plans, they may check  minutes usage by dialing #MIN# (#646#), text message usage by dialing  #MSG# (#674#)  and for data usage, they may dial  #WEB# (#932#). You will receive a text message with your usage information. Use #999# for pre-paid accounts. Alternatively, T-Mobile customer may dial 611 and say  “data usage.” for voice messages for usage.


AT&T users can check their usage by dialing *MIN# (*646#) for minutes usage and *DATA# (*3282#) for data usage. The user will receive a text message with usage information. Alternatively they may dial 611 to hear balances.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon users may check their usage by dialing short codes  #MIN (#646) for minutes usage and #DATA (#3282) for data usage. They will receive a text message with their usage information.

Hope the above info will help you to monitor and control of your mobile usage.

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