US Cellular rejig data plans making cheaper to take on Verizon and AT&T

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USA: Chicago based, nation’s fifth largest carrier, US Cellular has made their data plan cheaper, affordable by lowering prices. The carrier has taken this step to attract more customers.us_top_5_carriers copy

So after this rejigging, the 1GB data plan which were costing $30, has been priced at $25, a cut of $5. Similarly 3GB data plan is costing now $40 and 6GB data plan costing $55. Apart from these monthly rates, customer have to pay smartphone access fee $20 extra hence a total monthly expenses on 1GB, 3GB and 6GB data plan would be $45, $60 and $75.

Higher data plan pricing also revised and now the 10GB data plan costs $70 and 12GB data plan costs $80. The device access fee would be $15 extra.

US Cellular claimed that these plans are cheaper than Verizon and AT&T so to compare these US Cellular plan, if we look at Verizon data plans, Verizon offers 1GB at $30, 3GB at $45, 6GB at $60, 12GB at $80 and 18GB at $100 plus the smartphone access fee $20 flat for all plans.

AT&T has 2GB data plan for $30 and 5GB data plan for $50  and customer have also to bear $25 extra for smartphone access fee so making these plan $55 and $75 respectively. It is clear that US Cellular plans are cheaper than Verizon and AT&T. Hence claim of US Cellular is right.

But if we compare US Cellular plans with  Sprint and T-Mobile, it is not cheaper. Sprint offers 1GB data plan at $20 but it also charges activation fee of $36 plus device access fee $25 or $40 depending on the scheme.

T-Mobile offers 1GB data plan for $50 and 3GB data plan for $60 and these prices are inclusive of all i.e. customers need not to pay extra as device access fee etc. T-Mobile currently offering 2 line data plan for $100 in which each line gets 10GB data.

US Cellular beat the data plan of Verizon and AT&T but not T-Mobile.

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