Top 3 Apps that allows you to delete your sent messages remotely

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Imagine you are chatting with your friend using popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, WeChat, LINE or Hike etc and by mistake you sent a nasty or inappropriate  message, then these apps don’t allows you to delete it remotely. The message has gone and you have to be ready for its consequences.

But now you have alternative apps, where you can chat safely and you also have control over your messages and even you sent a nasty/wrong message, you can delete it remotely from the receiver’s phone.

We will discuss here three such apps


This app is developed by a young  Natalie Bryla from San Francisco and it allows user to send self-destructing text messages, photos and videos. Senders can also see, when the receiver have read or viewed their messages.

If a nasty/ wrong message is sent by mistake to a wrong person , then you can relax here and can delete the message from the recipient’s device.app_ansa

Ansa app works in a similar way to Snapchat, by automatically deleting messages, photos and videos seconds after they’ve been viewed. Recipient open the message and it remains for 60 secs and then deleted automatically but Ansa app gives more freedom, it also allows you to delete messages remotely, from recipient’s device, before they get a chance to read it.

Before starting private chatting, just turn on “off-the-record” function, the message you’re sending or already sent will be self-destructed in a range of minutes you set. Don’t worry, even recipient won’t be able to take screenshots of your conversation. Ansa app can be used by both iOS and Android users.


This is another messaging app that allows to delete the sent message, if sender desires, and it also empowers the senders, that recipient of message can further share/forward the message or not. Actually on receipt of message, the recipient have to ask the permission of sender. As shown in below picture, on approval of Sender, receiver see a blue icon after which he/she can see the message. Strings app is available for iOS users only.app_strings

On Second Thought:

This is another best messaging app that empowers the users to take back their messages.  During chatting, it gives option of “recall message” by which user can take back their message before it deliver to whom it was intended to.  To get the “recall message” option, user just need to swipe the message left or right as shown in below picture. Your message remains in dark orange color for a grace period during which you can recall it. The default grace period is 10 sec which may modified up to 60 sec.app_second_thought

This app also has feature “Curfew” by which you can control on delivery of your messages. The message will  be embargoed until the “Curfew” expires. You can decide which messages you actually want to send. This app can be used by Android users. iOS version is said be coming this spring.

So now you have to decide, which app you want to use for your private chatting….

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