T-Mobile’s cheapest unlimited 4G data plan for just $30

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If you use Internet much and us_data plandon’t make a lot of voice calls, then T-Mobile have a surprise for you, a prepaid unlimited data plan at 4G speed at just $30 per month. Although the coverage is a concern because T-Mobile has not as much coverage as other big wireless provider have. This data plan is compared with other unlimited data plans of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

 For SmartphoneFor Tablet PC
Prepaid unlimited data plan $30 which allows you 100 minutes talk, unlimited text messaging and Unlimited data usage with cap at 5GB. You will get 4G speed up to 5GB data usage and after that speed throttle to 2GFor $50 you will get 6GB data without overage charges
Prepaid plan of $65 allows unlimited talk and text messaging but data usage 1GB only at 4G speedFor $50 you will get 5GB data.
Prepaid plan of $70 allows unlimited talk and text messaging and 4GB data usage at 4G speed. Additional data are charged $20 per 1GB.For $50 you will get 5GB data without actication fee and overage charges
Its prepaid plan of $70 offer true unlimited talk, text and data usage at 4G speedPlan $49.99 allows you 6GB data usage at 4G speed and additional data will be charged 5¢ per 1MB on On-net and 25¢ per 1MB on Off-net
No PlanPlan $49.99 allows you unlimited data usage at 4G speed of download at 6Mbps and upload at 1Mbps. Additional expenses are of $49.99 for CLEAR Spot or $39.99 for CLEAR stick

It is evident from above that T-mobile’s unlimited data plan is prices  at almost  half of others plans. This $30 unlimited data plan can be availed by new activations as well as by current postpaid subscriber of T-Mobile who are out of any contract or obligation. A confirmation has been given by T-Mobile representative as

“If you are a T-Mobile postpaid subscriber who is out of contract (or any other obligation) and want to switch to this $30 plan, you can do so through T-Mobile.com. You must either purchase a prepaid device kit from Walmart or a SIM card from T-Mobile. However, you do not have to activate a new account; we would simply do a rate plan change on your existing account.”

T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan of $30 is the cheapest for use on Smartphone but for the tablets, almost all carriers have almost same plans. For heavy data users, Sprint offers 12GB data usage on your tablet for just $79.99 per month. For other data plans, please click here.

Only data provider, the CLEAR which has 4G network offers unlimited data plan at 4G speed for $49.99 per month but you will experience download speed up to 6Mbps and upload of 1Mbps only.

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