T-Mobile allows up to 6 lines in Simple Choice Family Plans , each 2.5GB, for $120

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us_tmobile_familyT-Mobile, USA has made changes in its Simple Choice Family plans for 4 lines and above, up to 6 lines. Now onwards, each line under the family plan for 4 lines and above will get 2.5GB LTE data through 2015 and after January 2, 2016, they will automatically reverted back to 1GB LTE data.

A family plan costs just $100 for four lines and fifth & sixth lines can be added by extra payment of $10 for each line so a total payment of $120 for six lines. Each line gets 2.5GB LTE data plus unlimited talk and texting and any family member wants to use additional data, they can use  at reduced speed after crossing 2.5GB limit. Each line will also enjoy Un-carrier features of unlimited data and texting in more than 120 worldwide destinations under roaming.

It is rumored that T-Mobile will also allow to add further lines in a Family Plan by extra payment of $20 for seventh line, up to 1oth line, starting August 17, 2014 but still it has not confirmed. If  rumor becomes reality then a family plan could have 10 lines with a total monthly bill of $200 and each line will be getting 2.5GB LTE data.

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