Straight Talk revises $45 Unlimited Talk, Text, Data plan and $30 “All You Need” plan

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Straight Talk, an MVNO of US’s us_straight-talkall four major carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile offers no contract plans at more reasonable price as compared to major carriers.

Straight Talk today enhanced high speed free data usage from existing 2.5GB to 3GB in its popular $45 plan. This plan also offers unlimited talk and text.

Straight Talk has also revised its $30 plan “All You Need” and now customer can enjoy unlimited text, 1500 minutes of voice calls and 100MB of data. Before this revision it was offering just 1000 text messages and 1000 minutes of voice calls along with 30MB of data.us_straight-talk45

Straight Talk claims that it is offering 10 times data in its $45 plan but if we see, AT&T now offers unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data under its $45 prepaid plan. Verizon Wireless offers $45 plans to customers which allows them unlimited talk, text plus 500MB of data.

T-Mobile’s prepaid $30 plan offers unlimited web and text plus 100 minutes of talk while Sprint offers unlimited talk, text and data under its $60 plan. The data speed throttles after 2.5GB.

Straight Talk has beautifully compared its $45 plan with other major carriers and tries to convince that it has no hidden fee while other carriers has phone fees, activation fee etc extra that is why its $45 plan is the cheapest one.

Straight Talk plans are available exclusively at Walmart stores only.

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