Sprint offers two alternatives “Framily” and “Easy Pay” in lieu of “One up” plan

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Sprint was the last carrier in the US which have introduced device upgrade plan “One Up” plan which facilitated customer to upgrade their device within every 12 month. The main attraction of the plan was that customer could get the new device with no down payment and they can pay the cost of device in equal monthly installment for next 24 months.

But Sprint has now discontinued this regular “One up” plan at the time of launch of new “Framily” plan.us_sprint_framily2

In an statement of Sprint’s National Media Manager for Corporate Communications Roni Singleton says “Framily Plan offers our customers even greater value” than One Up so that each family member or friend can “customize his or her plan to meet their own individual needs.” She has also pointed out that Framily customers still have an upgrade option for an additional $20 monthly fee, which provides “unlimited data plus the ability to upgrade their device every 12 months.”

Sprint also offer similar “One Up” device upgrade plan. It is called Sprint Easy Pay which allows customers to buy a new device for a smaller down payment and then pay the rest amount in equal 24 monthly installments.

For seven or more members in one account, the “Framily” plan offers great value, each member gets lowest bill for the same data usage. Have a look, click here.


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