Red Pocket Mobile unveils 4G unlimited data plans through T-Mobile, starts at $30

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Red Pocket Mobile, a MVNO who offers redpocket_tmwireless services through AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, launched 4G mobile Internet service through T-Mobile. Red Pocket Mobile has launched new contract-free 4G plans starting from $10 which offers 1GB of data usage at 4G speed for a period of 30 days.

Other two plans are unlimited plans, One is priced at $30 and offers you 3GB of data usage at 4G speed and thereafter, you can use additional data at throttled speed for remaining period of 30 days. Unlimited plan of $50 offers 5GB of data usage at 4G speed over 30 days but for usage of additional data beyond 5GB, the speed throttled.

To avail these new plans from Red Pocket, you have to bring your own device, iPad or any Android tablet and buy a special SIM card for $0.99 (which is regularly $9.99) and comes with bundled starter credit for 512 MB data at 4G speeds.

If you take your own device to T-Mobile and want to buy 4G data plans, you have to pay $10 for SIM only Kit and 4G data plans starts from $10 for 500MB data for one day only but if you want validity of 30 days for use of 500MB of data then you have to pay $20.

Next 4G plan is priced $15 for 1GB of data usage over 7 days and other 4G plans have validity of 30 days and are priced at $30 for 2.5GB, $40 for 4.5GB, $50 for 6.5GB, $60 for 8.5GB, $70 for 10.5GB and $80 for 12.5GB.

Now see the difference, Red Pocket is offering Unlimited plan of 3GB at $30 while T-Mobile offers 2.5GB only, for additional data, you have to refill your plan.


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