Myth busted : WhatsApp not deliver messages instantly

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Belief is that WhatsApp is an instant messaging application, which runs on all mobile platforms. It is understood that if you send a message on WhatsApp, it will be delivered instantly but the new feature in the latest version of the WhatsApp 2.11.432 confirms that WhatsApp doesn’t deliver messages instantly in many cases.

The instant case shown below in the screenshot clearly shows that message was sent at 12.05PM but it was delivered to recipient at 3.36PM and it was read by receiver at 3.36PM.


If you have updated with the new version of WhatsApphe, you just need to press the message for a little longer period then it shows a menu bar as shown in screenshot. by hitting circular button as shown above, it shows the details about , when your messages was delivered to recipient and when he/she read the same. The new update of WhatsApp also shows exact time of delivery and read of the message by the receiver.

WhatsApp has also clarified it on its website and mentioned possible reasons of not delivering the message instantly. Check out below.

  • The recipients  phone might be off.
  • They could be sleeping, especially if they live in a different time zone.
  • They might be experiencing network connection issues.
  • They might have seen the notification on their screen, but did not launch the app (especially common if the recipient uses an iPhone).
  • They might have blocked you.
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