MTS India launches Super Unlimited MBlaze Plans in country: 40GB @ Rs 999

| March 18, 2014 | 8 Comments

MTS India, which operates on MTS_3gPlus2CDMA technology in 9 telecom circles in India and offers data services on 3G Plus network,  today announced the roll out of the most aggressive data plans in the country to target the high-data users. 3G Plus network is the trademark representing advanced high speed EV-DO Rev B network of MTS.

MTS India launches Super Unlimited data plans for postpaid as well as prepaid customers in its all 9 telecom circles Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, UP West, West Bengal & Kolkata.

The Postpaid MBlaze customers can opt for a monthly rental plan of Rs 999 to get an unprecedented 40 GB unlimited data; an incremental benefit of at least 300% from existing plans.The Prepaid customers on the other hand gets 20GB for a recharge of  Rs 999 with a validity of 30 days. The prepaid customers have two more options, they can opt for 25GB data plan for Rs 1298 or 30GB data plan for Rs 1498.

Here are the latest data plan from MTS India. MTS_3gPlus

On MTS’s 3G Plus network, you will get download speed of 9.8Mbps up to data threshold as shown in above table but as soon as this data usage threshold exceeds, the download speed throttles to 144Kbps or 64Kbps

If we look around, no other operator in India, either on GSM, CDMA or Landline offers such high usage data plan at affordable price. The speed of 3G Plus is awesome, it offers download speed up to 9.8 Mbps while in 3G network, practically you get speed around 2-3Mbps in spite of whether you use 3.6 Mbps data card (dongle) or 7.2Mbps or 21.1Mbps.

 Source: MTS India

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  1. vijay meena says:

    i m using mblaze ultra wifi 3gplus with rs 999 40 GB plan. as fas as the wifi signal strength ,its not that great . signal accessible within 12-15 meters. or one can say that it can be accessible from other room with one bar of signal. it has no comparison with modem we can from bsnl.( i was having bsnl broadband earlier). as far as speed. browsing is pretty fast . youtube buffering at 480p is twice in the video of 10 minutes long. and in 360p there is no far as downloading speed is concerned i am getting somewhere aroung 125 KB/s to 225 KB/s. which fluctuates now and then even with full signal of HSD in mblaze home page. but i think it is good as one can get this speed till 40 GB. as compare to bsnl 900 plan which gives downloading speed at 225 KB/s to 250 KB/s but only gives this speed till 8 GB download. so for the price i thing its a steal.
    the only let down point from this mts blaze is wifi signal range :0…

  2. MEHUL CHAMP says:

    hi there I am MEHUL and my mts gives 18kbps on unlimited and 350kbps before unlimited plane so my question is IS THERE ANY SOFTWARE OR ANY


  3. Cheap MTS says:

    All these three mobile operators sell Wi-fi 3G dongles locked to their respective network. … into a USB port of your mobile charger or laptop to create a Wi-Fi zone. … data plus 4GB extra data on recharge of next four recharge with Rs 350. …. Comparison of 40GB data plan @Rs 999: Reliance V/s MTS India

  4. Pram says:

    Pleas dont buy MTS unlimited plans

    Hai, at first I got MTS postpaid for 999 40-GB plan, with out any pre, post they had downpalned me 999 30-GB, speed was worst than expected, complaints ware closes with out customer knlodge, they bonot have any tower in and arround. The only thing MTS bussines moves on is by leasd line in our money, they are not providing detailed bill statement, where hourly usage, speed, balance net usage will be maintwned in Excel sheet ” my bill showed me 240 GB that I have any used so I asked for detail bill that are not providing detailed bill ” my condulaytion is silple MTS offices is abbing some other usage into customers account, while thing is already a stream case was known to as, but they never showed as the total ssptream usage, friends see ur dill unlimited bill again u cannot use 240 GB in 180Kpbs.

    The other thing I want to sahre is, I asked the detail bill (excl) they bidnt provide me, so I didn’t pay the bill will be 3000/-, MTS 420 called me as they were loier in supreme cort and threatnd me to pay the bill, So I played only 1500/-, and i asked for the notes for cort order or officel statement that they are form cort, they don’t to provide any avidence to the customer,

    My single logical question is
    1, if I didn’t pay the dill cort notes or MTS notes should be resived, they didn’t send me instes they threatned me.
    2, they are threatening the people to pay the bill
    3, no speed complaints ware closes without my knowledge
    4, if any problem they are not answering in retail shop or official office ( not allowing us to enquer )
    5, other usage are tarifeed in my bill 240 GB not possible
    6, totally they don’t obey TROI, as a indian I as really woried that they are damaging the indian system that RTI system Right to in for information, people, customers of MTS , officeles of government state and central pleas .

    pleas MTS india had not sent any detail bill for previous, present customers,

    Detail bill is excel sheet it countsines

    They thinking there markt is equal to airtel
    See the strategy

    First 40 GB plan 999
    Now 24 GB pain 999
    With in 2 years so what the hell I want to use ur product,
    The only thing ur business were eastbesish only by cheating the people, but be so cool u have to answer for what ur tarifed in my bill, 240 GB ha

    • Pram says:

      Last thingi want is an odit of all compliments, but they refused to do so, they only want to odit the good call,complent, request, but not my call, i hake a solid evidence for this, if custmer askea for call odit they have to do it, if any mistick they have to pay 50000/- to trai, so that is y they didnot odit my call and compliments MTS is number one 420 I ever seen in telecoms indestory. Please don’t promote this…..

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