How to know saved / hidden passwords

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Sometimes  you forgot passwords which have been saved in your browser for the web-pages which you visit most like your emails, social media sites or any other sites which require passwords to login. Over a period of time, you may not be able to retrieve even by remembrance. When you want to use these password on another device, you again need to know these passwords so browsers helps to let you know your own password which is saved there.

If you use Chrome browser, you need to follow below steps .

  • Click three dots on right top corner of the Chrome and then settings
  • Now scroll down and click Advance settings.
  • Here you will find Passwords and Forms
  • Click the hyper link Manage passwords
  • This is the place you will see all your saved passwords
  • Click the link of web-page, this will display the hidden password

If you are using Firefox browser then below steps helps you to know your saved passwords

  • Click three lines on top right corner of Firefox and then click Options
  • Now click Security on left side menu
  • Here you have to click saved logins
  • Here you will find list of sites on which passwords have been saved
  • Click the site and then click Show passwords

Isn’t it so simple, I hope this will help you to know your hidden passwords

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