How to deactivate VAS from your Smartphone

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It is not You, who has mobile-balance-stolenbecome the victim of forced activation of value added services on your mobile but almost all the prepaid mobile user faced such situation and their prepaid balance get deducted regularly for some value added service.

OK, let me ask you, Do you know how many value added services (VAS) are activated on your smartphone?. You may know about some of the value added services which you have subscribed willingly but you may not be aware about those value added services, which have been activated without your knowledge or some of them might be activated on your smartphone forcefully.

For example, during your favorite world cup cricket, you might have activated cricket VAS. And when now the world cup cricket is over, this VAS has no significance but you are paying regularly for this VAS because it is still activated on your smartphone.

I know some of mobile operator don’t know the codes to sent for deactivation of the VAS or those who contact the call center of the mobile operator, that also don’t provide instant solution to them.

Here is the instant solution, If you want to deactivate some of unwanted VAS, you just need to follow the following two easy steps.

  1. Send a blank SMS to 155223, this is toll free number and work all over India for all mobile operators, from your smartphone and your mobile operator will send you back the list of all value added services which are currently activated on your smartphone.
  2. Now type the number of those VAS, you want to get deactivate, and again send to 155223. These VAS will be deactivated within four hours by your mobile operator. You will also receive again the SMS confirming this with reference number.

As soon as your unwanted VAS deactivated by your mobile operator, Again a SMS of successful deactivation of VAS will be sent to you by your mobile operator.

If you make complaint about the activation of unwanted VAS by sending SMS to 152233 withing 24 hours of activation of unwanted VAS, you will also get refund of the charged amount for the unwanted VAS.

So friends, just check how many VAS are activated on your smartphone right now !


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