Global-USA: Verizon rejigging its data plan at par with T-Mobile

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USA’s largest LTE carrier, Verizon wireless has announced simplifying its 4G LTE data plans dubbed as S-M-L-XL, similar nomenclature as clothing industry. The carrier has also ended subsidized phone plans and two year contracts for new customers.us_Verizon_tmobile

Following New data plans will be available from August 13, 2015

  • Abolishing currently different line cost as per plans, Line cost has been fixed as $20 for smartphone, $10 for Tablet and $5 for wearable devices irrespective of data plan.
  • Data plan Small for 1GB of shareable data will cost $30/month, this is the same price as currently price.
  • Data plan Medium for 3GB of shareable data will cost $45/month, here Verizon has reduced price by $5 from its current price.
  • Data plan Large for 6GB of shareable data will cost $60/month, here again Verizon is reducing price by $10 from current price of $70
  • Data plan X-Large for 12GB of shareable data will cost $80/month, here keeping the price same, free data allowance has been increased from currently 10GB to 12GB.

So if you are three in a family then your new monthly bill be 3x$20=$60 for three smartphones and $80 for data plan for 12 GB data to be shared among them, totaling $140 per month.

If we compare these new data plans of Verizon with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice family plans. Although family plans of T-Mobile’s don’t offer sharable data instead it offers fixed data.

For the same family of three members, Since T-Mobile offers unlimited data in its every family plan but it reduces speed after crossing fixed data at high LTE speed. If each member want to use 3GB data at LTE speed then  their total monthly bill comes at $130 and if they wish to use 5GB LTE data then total monthly bill increases marginally to $160 only.

The difference in monthly bill may not be big but even then before choosing the carrier, check the coverage and download speed in your area.

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