Comparison of T-Mobile’s Jump, AT&T’s Next and Verizon’s upcoming VZ Edge plan, Who offers cheapest solution ?

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Last week was full of excitement and the wireless world had been shaken. ATT-Next-vs-TMobile-JumpThe initiative was taken by T-Mobile which introduced Jump Program to upgrade your device, then Sprint had ignited the wave by launching budget unlimited plans. AT&T also jumped to the bandwagon and introduced “Next” program similar to T-Mobile’s Jump program. America’s largest wireless carrier, the Verizon wireless has also announced its Upgrade device plan called VeriZon Edge.

Even though all these plans seems similar and its details in the media may also appeal to different peoplel but the real cost comes out with detailed analysis so Let us analyse all these four plans and see which one would be beneficial to a wireless customer.

For better understanding, let us do some math with example of latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 which is priced in open market at $ 650.

T-Mobile Jump: The cost of Samsung Galaxy S4 comes here $20 a month over 24 months plus an upfront cost of $150 for the Galaxy S4 plus $10 for the SIM card.

You can choose the lowest monthly plan that offers you unlimited talk, text and data for just $70 per month and on top of all these, $10 is to be added for the device upgrade Jump program.

Hence the table shows that first month you just have to pay $230 and within 6 month you are going to pay $730 to be eligible for upgrade the device twice a year after joining the program. T-Mobile also cover insurance of the device against loss, theft and damage with deductible $175.

AT&T Next: The Next program lets you to upgrade your device once in a year after joining the program. AT&T offers the Galaxy S4 for an extra cost of $32 a month spread over 20 month payment plan. The beauty of Next program is that, you are not supposed to pay down payment for your favorite device Samsung Galaxy S4.

The most economical plan with AT&T is its Mobile Share plans which offer unlimited talk, text and 1GB data for just $85 per month so first month and every subsequent month you are required to pay $117 only. If you want to cover your device under insurance then AT&T charge $7 a month with deductible $200.

Verizon Edge: Verizon has also announced its upcoming device upgrade plan named VZ Edge starting from 25 Aug. In this program the total cost of Galaxy S4 spread over 24 month so its monthly payment comes $27.08. For convenience we consider here $27 only. For service we can choose lowset plan of Shae everything plan of $90 which offer unlimited talk, text and 1GB data so your first month payment would be $117 and in subsequent month, you have to pay same payment of $117.

Verizon is also not asking down payment for the device but at the time of upgrade your device, which you can do every six month, you have to pay 50% of total cost of your device. In this example you pay $27 multiply by 6 comes $162 for the device within six month so you have to pay balance $325-$162=$163 at the time of upgrade your device after first six month.

The comparison table:

 T-Mobile's JumpAT&T's NextVerizon Edge
Device upgrade Program fee$10 per month (includes insurance)$0$0
Device down payment$160 (including SIM starter kit)$0$0
Monthly device payment$20$32$27
Monthly voice, text and data plans$70 (Unlimited voice, text and data)$85 (Unlimited voice and text, 1GB data)$90 (Unlimited voice and text, 1GB of data)
First month total payment$230$117$117
Subsquent monthly payment$100$117$117
Total payment after six month$730$702$702
Additional payment if you upgrade your deviceDown payment of new device$0$163 (balance of 50%)
Total payment in One year$1330$1408$1408

Which Program appeals you most?

T-Mobile’ Jump is the cheapest option and AT&T’ Next is slightly more expensive option if you upgrade your device once in a year. The upcoming Verizon edge would also be expensive as compared to T-Mobile after six months of service.

T-Mobile not only allows you upgrade your device at cheaper price of $10 but also do insurance your device. T-Mobile has the cheapest monthly of $70 which offers you unlimited talk, text and data usage.

But the real patch with T-Mobile is the down payment of the device at the time of upgrade which may add another $150-$200 to your annual cost. AT&T and Verizon don’t require a down payment for their devices at the time of upgrade.

If you don’t require to upgrade your device then Sprint have best plan for your device, it offers unlimited talk, text and data for $80 only. The T-Mobile offers the same plan for $70.

Note: The carriers will consider total cost of the device while calculating monthly payment but you may get the same device at discounted price. In this example, all carriers will take $650 for the Galaxy S4 but it may be purchased at as low as $577.


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