Comparison of 3G/4G data plans for tablets offered by Verizon, At&t, Sprint and T-Mobile in America

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Every month, you find a new tablet is being us_tablet copylaunched with new features and great specifications so that you can easy use the latest apps and do whatever you want to do with full speed and seamless navigation. Now to use internet on tablet, you need data plan that suite your budget and also offer you continuous network connectivity.

In USA, The Verizon is the largest network and three more second, third and fourth largest networks are AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile which provide data services on 3G/4G-LTE networks. For a moderate user of 5GB data per month, you find all the mobile operators are charging $50 per month but for different data usages, all these mobile operators are having different charging plans with a slight change.

Following are the charges for data usage on tablets in America.us_data

Now let us have a quick look on the data plan for your tablets offered by America’s four largest wireless carriers:

Verizon Wireless

Verizon is the largest network and it is 100% 4G LTE, having coverage in 486 cities that covers almost 89% of US population.The speed of 4G LTE network is blazing fast. It’s data plan for tablets start from  $20 per month for 1 GB, and go up to $80 per month for 10 GB. It has neither activation fees nor reconnection fees and no more overage fees. To continue the data plan, you need to purchase new plan before its renewal date.

AT&T Mobility

AT&T is the second largest carrier and has installed 350 sites for its 4G LTE coverage. It’s data plan for tablet start at $14.99 per month for 250 MB, with an overage fee of $14.99 for another 250 MB. The overage fees is less for higher plans like 3GB data plan is available for $30 per month and 5GB data plan is available for $50 with an overage fees of $10 per extra another 1GB.

Sprint Nextel

Sprint is the third largest network of USA and covers almost 80 markets with 170 more markets to be covered in coming months. Its data plan starts from  $14.99 per month for 300MB data but next data plan is for 3GB for which you have to pay $34.99 and the highest data plan is available for $79.99 per month for 12 GB of data. This plans is very useful for Internet addicted users.

T-Mobile US

T-Mobile is the fourth largest network and having coverage of 4G LTE in 24 markets in USA and offers “overage-free” data plans, which start at $15 per month for 300 MB and go up to $80 per month for 12 GB. The beauty of these data plan is that you can use the data plan beyond data allowance but at reduced speed. You will find that T-Mobile is the only wireless carrier to support HD Voice nationwide and deliver crystal clear calls while reducing background noise. The voice calls sound as clear and natural as if you both are in the same room.

On comparison of above charges, it is clear that Verizon is the obvious choice in the $20 per month range, while AT&T offers the most data for your buck at $30 and Sprint is the ultimate choice for the Internet addicted user who uses 12GB data per month.

In India, surprisingly you get cheaper data rates like, you can get 1GB data by paying approx $3 to $4  and you can use 5GB data by paying in between of $10 to $12 per month. This is the reason, why an Indian visitor, when visits USA, find the tariff of data usage high in comparison to data usage charges in India.

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