Boost Mobile introduces three new unlimited plans to compete T-Mobile

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Boost Mobile, an MVNO of Sprint, US, us_boostrevamped its prepaid plan and introduced three new unlimited prepaid plans starting at $40/month.

The new unlimited plan $40 offers unlimited talk, text and data but customer can use data at high speed of 3G/4G speed up to 500MB thereafter speed throttles similarly other two unlimited plans at $50 and $60 offers unlimited talk, text and data plus speed throttling after 2.5GB and 5GB data usage respectively.

All these new unlimited plan doesn’t include Boost’s shrinking payment discounts by which a customer can save up to $15 by making timely payment of bill. Unlimited plans $55 offers shrinking payment discounts and allows customer to make unlimited talk, text and data but speed throttles after 2.5GB data usage at high speed.

How much these plans are competitive, you can judge yourself. Sprint has prepaid plan at $60 which offers unlimited talk, text and data but it throttles the speed after 2.5GB of data usage. It means Boost is offering this same plan at $10 cheaper rates.

AT&T has recently introduced one prepaid plan $45 which offer unlimited talk, text and data, speed throttles after 1GB high speed data. AT&T also enhanced data usage in its $60 prepaid plan, now it offers 2.5GB data usage instead of previously 2GB data usage. Here again, it is clear that Boost’s new plan is $10 cheaper.

T-Mobile’s $30 prepaid plans offer better data usage, it offers you 100 minutes and unlimited text and data, speed throttles after 5GB of data usage at high speed. If customer don’t talk much, then T-Mobile has the best prepaid plan at just $30.

Verizon’s prepaid plan are just competitive, it has $45 prepaid plan which offers unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data, additional data may be added by bridge data packages 1GB for $10 and 3GB for $20. You can see that Boost’s plan is $5 cheaper as compared to Verizon’s starter plan.

You know, you can get 1GB prepaid plan at just $10.99 only. For more details click here

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