Bit, Megabits & Yottabyte with Download data rate and speed explained

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It is fashionable to talk technical terms in this era of Smartphones even by layman although they may not understand the meaning of it. Some customers gets confused in understanding the real meaning of abbreviated terms like Memory is 32GB, Download data rate is 64KB/s, Download Speed is 8Mbps or 512Kbps etc.

We start with basics of this subject so that we can visualize, how big is Yottabyte.

In digital electronics, a bit is a single numeric value, either ‘1’ or ‘0’, that encodes a single unit of digital information.  A Nibble is 4 bits or half of a byte.  A combination of 8 bits equal to one byte. Almost 100 bytes form an average sentence.

One Kilobyte (KB) is equal to 1024 bytes and in a layman language we say, 1000 bytes forms one Kilobytes. A page of A4 size can be fitted with approx 100KB data.

One Megabyte (MB) equals to 1024KB or 1048576 bytes or in a layman language, it is equal to 1000000 bytes or 1000KB. A two hour movie can be digitized with  approx 600MB data.

One Gigabyte (GB) equal to 1024MB or in layman language, it is equal to 1000MB or 1000000KB. So you can store two movies of both two hours with 1GB of data.

One Terabyte (TB) equal to 1024GB or 1000GB or 1000000MB or 1000000000KB. Since 1TB is 1000 times of GB so almost 2000 movies form 1TB of data.

One Petabyte (PB) equal to 1024TB or 1000TB or 1000000GB or 1000000000MB or 1000000000000KB

One Exabyte (EB) equal to 1024PB or 1000PB or 1000000TB or 1000000000GB

One Zettabyte (ZB) equal to 1024EB or 1000EB or 1000000PB or 1000000000TB

One Yottabyte (YB) equal to 1024ZB or 1000ZB or 1000000EB or 1000000000PB

One Brontobyte (BB) equal to 1024YB or 1000YB or 1000000ZB or 1000000000EB

One Geopbyte equal to 1024BB or 1000BB or 1000000YB or 1000000000ZB i.e. one Geopbyte contains 1 followed by 30 zeros byte data !!. Can you imagine how much is this data ?

Telecom operators are selling their Internet plans  with download speeds in Mbps or Kbps , here Mbps stands for Megabits per second and Kilobits per seconds respectively but when you use the net, your browser shows file or data download rate in bytes per seconds. To recognize the difference, a lowercase “b” usually means a bit, while an uppercase “B” represents a byte.

Hence if your broadband plan claims download speed 2Mbps , then your browser may show, file download rate, at the most 128 KB/sec.

Airtel 4G network in India claims download speed up to 45Mbps but practically customers experience 12Mbps, even at this speed, a 2 hour movie of size 600MB can be downloaded within 600*8/12=400 seconds or approx 7 minutes only. If same movie is to be downloaded with 3G network having download speed of 2Mbps, then it will take around 40 minutes.

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