Comparison of Roaming pack for One Week : November-2014

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Most of travelers feels one week roaming pack is sufficient for their short tours across India. Roaming pack for one day is cheap but roaming pack for one week comes at some more cheaper rates. roaming2 copy

Indian mobile operators Vodafone, BSNL, Tata DoCoMo and  MTNL have roaming pack for one week. BSNL brings out roaming pack for one week on promotional basis and this time also, BSNL is again re-introducing one week roaming pack priced at Rs 33 starting 1-11-2014 in all its telecom circles across the country.

Vodafone has one week roaming pack in the price range of Rs 31 to Rs 48 according to circles while Tata DoCoMo has weekly roaming pack at fix price of Rs 29 in its all telecom circles.

MTNL offers free roaming between Delhi and Mumbai but for other locations, MTNL, Delhi  has roaming pack for one week at Rs 29.

If you need roaming pack for short or longer durations, look at below table to choose your roaming pack as per your need.

  STVValidity of STVIncoming call chargesOutgoing local call ratesOutgong STD call rates
PrepaidRs 5One dayFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 7930 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
PostpaidRs 7530 daysFreeSame as base planSame as base plan
Rs 99 RTP30 days75p/min75p/min75p/min
Rs 99 RTP-FR30 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 499 Travel Mate30 daysFree1.2p/sec1.2p/sec
PrepaidRs 5One dayFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 31 to 487 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 71 to Rs 8230 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
PostpaidRs 7530 daysFreeRs1/minRs1.5/min
Rs 14930 daysFreeRs1/minRs1.5/min
PrepaidRs 5One dayFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 4530 daysFree40p/min40p/min
Rs 7728 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 194180 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
PrepaidRs 5One dayFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 71 to Rs 7830 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 231180 daysFreeRs1/minRs1.5/min
Rs 32180 days75p/minRs1/minRs1.5/min
PrepaidRs 5One dayFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 337 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 6930 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 9090 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 45 RTP180 days1.2p/sec1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 199 RTP-FR180 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
PostpaidRs 145 RTP1.2p/sec1.2p/sec1.2p/sec
Rs 149 RTP-FRFreeRs1/minRs1/min
PrepaidRs 297 daysFree1.5p/sec 1.5p/sec
Rs 6130 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 252 RTP-FR60 daysFree78p/min90p/min
Rs 152 RTP60 days75p/min78p/min90p/min
Prepaid, DelhiRs 297 daysFree1p/ sec1.2p/ sec
Rs 7930 daysFree1p/ sec1.2p/ sec
Prepaid, MumbaiRs 7530 daysFree3p/ two sec3p/ two sec
Rs 89180 daysFree in Maharastra, Goa and Delhi otherwise 75p/min90p/minRs 1.40/min
Rs 311180 daysFree90p/minRs 1.40/min
Postpaid for DelhiRs 230 RFP30 days1.2p/sec1p/sec1.2/sec
Rs 375 RFP-FR30 daysFree1p/sec1.2p/sec
Postpaid for MumbaiRs 125 RFP30 daysFree in MH & Goa and 75p/min in rest of India1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
Rs 500 RFP-FR30 daysFree1.5p/sec1.5p/sec
PrepaidRs 28 to 37
30 daysFreeRs1/minRs1.5/min
Rs 43
60 daysFreeRs1/minRs1.5/min
Rs 61 RTP180 days1.25p/sec1.6p/sec2.2p/sec
Rs 1199 RTP-FR180 daysFreeRs1/minRs 1.5/min



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