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Thailand is a very beautiful place and is a main attraction for tourist from all over the world. Due to fare conversion price of its currency (currently one US dollar is equal to approx 35 Thai Bhat) , it is the most preferred country for tourist. If you use your mobile phone plan of your country in roaming in Thailand, it may cost you more but you can make your stay pleasant and may be in touch with your friend and relative by buying  local cheaper phone plans from local mobile operator in Thailand.Thailand_AIS

Getting local mobile phone plan is also easy, even you may order online and can get the prepaid SIM at the airport on your arrival in Thailand.

Five mobile operators are providing mobile services in Thailand and six MVNOs are also selling mobile SIM cards by riding on the network of all these main mobile operators.

Out of five mobile operators, AIS is the largest mobile operator and has the largest coverage network and market share followed by other two mobile operators, DTAC and Truemove-H.

All these major three mobile operators offers prepaid SIM cards with attractive offerings to tourists. Let us have a look the offers.

AIS has three Traveller SIM plans.

  • Traveller SIM for individual which costs 299 Bhat and offers credit of 100 Bhat for voice calls plus 1.5 GB data. Internet usage is unlimited but after crossing 1.5GB data, the speed reduces to 64Kbps.
  • Traveller SIM for Group. This box contains set of three SIMs and it costs 199 Bhat and offers credit of 15 Bhat for voice calls plus 500MB data. The attractive feature is that members in the Group are allowed to make unlimited free calls
  • Traveller Group Sharing SIM box which costs 459 Bhat and contains set of three SIMs and offers a total of 3GB of data and unlimited calling among three SIMs. It doesn’t offer any free credit so all calls out of group will be charged.


DTAC has following three tourists SIM Plans.

  • Happy tourist SIM for 229 Bhat which comes with 7 days validity and offers 30min voice calls, 1GB of 3G data. Internet usage is unlimited but after crossing 1GB data, the speed reduces to 384Kbps.
  • Happy tourist SIM for 429 Bhat which comes with 30 days validity and offers 30min voice calls, 3GB of 3G data.
  • Happy tourist SIM for 700 Bhat which comes with 30 days validity and offers 50min voice calls, 6GB of 3G/4G data.

DTAC has all plans for individual tourist only and it doesn’t offer any plan for tourist in group or group sharing as AIS offers.

True Move has only one useful tourist SIM which costs 299 Bhat and offers 100Bhat calling credit and unlimited internet for 7 days. User can access Internet at maximum speed of 42Mbps up to 1.5GB after which speed reduced to max 128Kbps.

As we can see, almost all three major operators offers same tourist plan but AIS offers for groups also. The group SIM may be useful if you are going Thailand in group and individual is visiting on separate itineraries.

You may not use voice calls as extensively but you need Internet to be in touch with friends on social media, checking mails and to use Google map for easy touring so unlimited Internet offer is a great help.

Concluding for a tourist: Plan for 299 Bhat ( $8.56) from any of above three mobile operator is the most appealing for stay in Thailand.

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