Best Family Plan: AT&T’s MSVP, Sprint’s Framily, Verizon’s Share Everything & T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plans

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With the fierce competition among US carriers, customers are now having best options of data plans for their family members. They can now get more data for a less price.

AT&T has introduced new Mobile Share Value Plan (MSVP) for a significantly low price for a 10GB data plan, sharable among up to 10 family members.us_allcarriers2

Pricing for 10GB data plan is now $100 (previously it was $120) and each smartphone can be added for $15 per device (previously it was $30) so for a member of two, total cost is $130, for three members it is $145, for four members it is $160 and for five members total cost is $175. Each member will also get unlimited talk & text in addition to sharable data.

This recent offer from AT&T again confused American Customers, which carrier will now lower my phone bill ?.

When I visit the AT&T website, it shows a comparison table by which AT&T is the best among all four carriers and for a family of four members, AT&T’s plan cost $160 in comparison to Verizon’s total cost of $260 for 10 GB sharable data while Sprint costs $240 and T-Mobile costs $180 with unlimited data plan.

Sprint had also introduced family plan “Framily” and T-Mobile also has Simple Choice data plan of 2.5GB so let us compare all these plans as per number of family members.

For a couple, if they go for AT&T, each one will use 5GB and their total bill would be $130 while Sprint offers them unlimited data usage for a slight higher price of $140 but T-Mobile offers cheapest solution, unlimited data usage for just $120 only. So for a couple, T-Mobile is the best choice.

For a family of four members and assuming each member needs 2.5GB so AT&T’s Mobile Share Value Plan of 10GB costs them $160. Under Sprint’s Framily plan, for a family of four, each member gets higher data, 4GB each and their total bill would be $200 while T-Mobile offers 2.5GB to each four members for $140 only, here again T-Mobile is the best choice

For a family of 5 members, AT&T’s Mobile Share Value Plan of 10GB costs $175 and each member will consume 2GB data, if equally, but T-Mobile offers 2.5GB to each five members for $160 only, here again T-Mobile is the best choice.

Of course, AT&T’s new Mobile Share Value Plan of 10GB is cheaper than Verizon and Sprint but it can’t beat T-Mobile’s Simple Choice data plans.

AT&T has also revamped higher data plans of 15GB and above and matched the prices with US’s largest carrier Verizon. New prices for AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plans are 10GB of data for $100 per month, 15GB for $130, 20GB for $150, 30GB for $225, 40GB for $300 and 50GB for $375. With the lower rate of AT&T as $15 for every device to add, total cost has now become cheaper as compared to Verizon as shown in below table for a couple having two smartphones and one tablet.

Don’t forget to avail $100 credit offer for adding each new line from AT&T till March 31, 2014.

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  1. ben says:

    with At&t plan i get a subsidized phone with $130 family plan. Going with T-Mobile will cost $170 a month with two new phones, not $120.

    • Vishal says:

      The table shown in the post shows monthly recurring expenses excluding one time cost of SIM starter kit $10 and activation charges. You may also compare the free data offered by AT&T and T-Mobile in the cost.

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