AT&T Mobile Share Plans v/s Verizon Share Everything plans

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AT&T is withdrawing its traditional us_tablet copyvoice minutes, SMS and data plans effective from 25 October and thereafter every new customers has to sing up for one of the Mobile Share plans that offers unlimited talk, text and user can select one of the data usage plan starting from 300MB to 50GB. User is also required to pay per devices.

Although AT&T have allowed the existing customers to continue their traditional plans and will be termed as grandfathered and will not be forced to upgrade.

Verizon has Share Everything data plans which also offer unlimited talk, text and user have option to chose among data plans starting from 500MB to 50GB.

US’s two major national carriers have similar type of share plans and also have almost same coverage in US so let us figure out here which carrier have the best deal for consumers post 25 October.

Let us look the below spreadsheet which shows the charges for data plans which also includes unlimited talk and text with each data plans.

For the users opting data plans of 1GB and 2GB, it looks that AT&T has cheaper plans but the calculation for two smartphones and one tablet shows that both carrier charges same amount.

For some heavy data users, the data plans of 6GB and 10GB, it looks, Verizon offer the cheaper plans as compared to AT&T but again calculation for two smartphones and one tablet confirms that both carriers charges same amount from consumers.

For users 15GB to 50GB data, here the Verizon wins and must a choice for heavy data users. Verizon offers data plans at comparatively 10% to 20% cheaper rates.


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