AT&T copies Rollover Data plan of T-Mobile but allows one month only

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Generally small carriers follows good plans of big carriers but AT&T is the exception and this is the second time when big brother AT&T is launching similar plan of small carrier. us_rollover

AT&T today launched Roll over data plan for its Mobile share value plan customers which will come in effect from January 25, 2015. Copying the features of T-Mobile’s Data Stash plan, AT&T will also allow its customers to roll over the unused data to next month but there is a difference between T-Mobile’s Data Stash and AT&T’s rollover plan.

Unlike T-Mobile’s Data Stash plan which provides facility to use unused data within next 12 months, AT&T’s roll over data plan allows for one month only.

Let us understand the difference by taking one example, if a T-Mobile’s customer with a Simple Choice 5GB plan uses only 4GB then unused 1GB roll over to next month and customer have 6GB to use but in case this time also customer uses 4GB only then unused 2GB data roll over to next month. But the situation will be different for AT&T’s customers.

If a AT&T customer with 10GB Mobile Share Value plan uses only 7GB in a month, then unused 3GB portion will roll over to the next month, giving them a total of 13GB of high speed data in next month.

But if that customer could not use full 13GB data and uses again 7GB only then AT&T will roll over unused 3GB data of original allotment of the month only, not the 5GB of total data.

AT&T says, “Within a given month, you will use your plan allotment first, before you begin using your Rollover Data. Unused Rollover Data does not carry over.”

All AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plan subscribers will be automatically enrolled at no additional cost.

Mind it, the other major difference between two is that T-Mobile is giving every customer with Data Stash 10 GB of LTE data for free and this may be used until Dec. 31, 2015.

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