Aakash-3 Tablet may unveil in 2013

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Indian student may cheer up because the latest version of Aakash tablet is aakash_3expected to be launched in -2013 with most advanced features and most usable apps on it. The new version of tablet is named as Aakash-3, and as compared to its existing version Aakash-2,  it is expected that Aakash-3 tablet will have the following features and specification as per news flashed in media recently.

  1. SIM card slot so that it can be used as communication device also.
  2. Latest version of Android operating system ( may be Jelly Bean) as well as Linux OS. Previous version Aakash-2 runs on Android ICS Operating system.
  3. Connectivity on 3G, the previous version i.e. Aakash-2 is having connectivity on Wi-Fi only.
  4. Pre-loaded more exciting apps like Skype for audio/video calls.
  5. Faster Processor , previous version Aakash-2 is having 1 GHz processor and 512 RAM.
  6. Advanced Memory, previous version Aakash-2 is having  512 RAM and 4GB Internal memory which can also be expended up to 34 GB.

The price of Aakash-3 tablet  is expected to be same as price of Aakash-2. The price of Aakash-2 tablet has been brought down from Rs 2263 to Rs 1900 (price brought down from $ 49 to $35) by the Indian Government. After 50% subsidy from the Indian Government, Aakash-2 tablet cost  Rs 1130 to a Indian student.

There would be two versions of Aakash-3 tablet – one for school students that will be available at the price of  Aakash-2 tablet (Rs 1130) and another one with slightly better features for college students that will be available at a slightly higher price.

If we see the tablet market in India, the tablet, with such advanced features, is available in the market in the price range of Rs 4000 and above so definitely, Aakash-3 would be a good option for students of school and college .

Earlier version of Aakash tablet, Aakash tablet was supplied by Datawind and now this time the tender for supplying Aakash-3 tablet may be floated in February-2013 and we can expect that this time big players may participate in the tender and low cost Aakash-3 tablet would be supplied by a reputed international company in 2013 itself.

Exact specifications and features of the Aakash-3 Tablet and its official date of launch is yet to be announced so keep reading this blog site for its update on Aakash-3 tablet..

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